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The international PhD program “Medical Life Science and Technology” is a structured excellence graduate program within the TUM School of Medicine. Our mission is to provide world-class scientific training to students with a background in medicine, engineering or life sciences. The main research areas represented in our program are oncology, neuroscience, immunology/infection, biomedical imaging, cardiovascular research, and molecular medicine.

The approximately 100 students enrolled in the PhD program work primarily on a research project, which constitutes the core of a high-level scientific training, and is carried out in the laboratory of one of the outstanding research groups affiliated with the faculty of medicine. All students receive funding through their research group. The experimental part is complemented by an additional curriculum that offers a wide range of lectures, seminars, lab courses, transferable skills and an annual retreat. Each student's research project and curriculum is supervised by their individual thesis committee. Taken together, the experimental research project and the curricular activities, provide a thorough scientific training and the tools for a successful career as independent scientists in either academia, industry or hospitals.

The PhD program is part of the TUM Medical Graduate Center and of the TUM Graduate School. Students enrolled in the PhD program become members of the Graduate School and benefit from its offers, such as financial support for international research activities.

Most of the students enrolled in the PhD program have a degree in biosciences. However, the academic backgrounds are quite diverse.

34% of our students come from 28 different countries located on 5 continents.

Nearly two thirds of our students are female (63%).